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Nebraska teachers recently participated in a successful Insurance Education Institute offered as online graduate credit through the University of Central Arkansas with a culminating two days of inservice in Omaha. I will provide a news release in the next NASBE newsletter or you can review the attached information, which is also available at


If you are looking for professional development for your Personal Finance teachers, you may want to consider hosting an Insurance Education Institute in your state. I got the idea from Judith Sams, VA and Sherry Roberts, TN during an NBEA Conference. John Bratton and Victor Puleo are the Institute instructors. You may want to contact John at about doing an Institute in your state. Nebraska plans to repeat the Insurance Education Institute in the future.


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Virtual Business Challenge:
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Virtual team challenge 2009 Spill!


Registration is now open for the Deloitte Virtual Team Challenge - 3D Business Simulation.

You have the unique opportunity as a member of the National Association of Supervisors of Business Education (NASBE) to not only introduce this virtual tool in your own classroom, but to promote the program to your constituents via your organization's website and newsletter.

Be a visionary and promote fun, interactive learning. This teaching tool:


Develops teamwork and leadership skills


Builds research and decision-making skills


Teaches real-world business know-how


Fosters an interest in community service



Can your students raise enough money to help Mayor Gonzales clean up the oil spill?

Will they uncover the secret twist and save the day?



Start and finish the program any time between October 13 and November 25, 2009


Incorporate it into your curriculum at your own pace


Choose to use the accompanying curriculum units and Teacher's Guide


Correlation with National Standards

VTC content correlates with National Standards in:
- Business/Life Skills
- Business Education
- Environmental Education
- Mathematics


Register Now at

For more information, you can contact our Program Coordinator, Andy, at 212.780.0140 ext. 201.

Great prizes to be awarded!

Click here to register for the Fall 2009 Spill! Virtual Team Challenge

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VTC is available as a download from the VTC website. Click here for more information.

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